Single Travel Just Got Better: It’s Time To Get Off The Couch and See The World

54% of Americans have visited less than 10 or less states

32% don’t have or can’t remember buying travel luggage

40% have never left the country

Over half have never owned a passport

Many never travel outside of a 10 mile radius

Seeing these results from a survey done by the New York Post has me like 😮. It’s making me wonder, why is that? Really, it’s making me wondering is this the reason why many Christian singles are single, miserable, sad, and depressed?

Many Christian single women stay home with their boyfriend Netflix. They even scroll Instagram all day long. Then they ask, “God, why am I single?” Girl, it’s time for you to get out of your house, off of Instagram, dump Netflix, and see the outside world. Many need to do more than just eat, sleep, work, and repeat. Could the habit of just doing that be keeping you single?

A lot of times God has already answered our dear future prayers but it’s on us to now do something like stop staying at home. How is your Boaz going to find you if you’re stuck in the house? WAY less than 0.00000000000001% found their husband because he rung the doorbell.

Today, I have a challenge for you. If you’re the one that has been staying in the house and not doing anything, I need you to get yourself dressed and ready to head outside that door. Getting out could place you in position to meeting who God has for you. It’s time to get out beyond a 10 mile radius which I discuss more about in this video:



Same Story New Cover

Well, it’s been a little over a year since the book God Send Me My Husband was released and I’ve been playing around with a few new cover designs. Here’s the new cover. The story is the same but I’ve also added a word the author.

Since writing this book new stories have appeared in the news about women desperate for love. I think this book is so needed in this hour to help certain single women to understand why it’s important to wait on God and the reason for the wait. This book puts it all into perspective and has already blessed so many women already.


Save The Date – Available​ Now On Amazon


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Megan McClaurin dreams of her happily ever after in this swoon-worthy inspirational Christian women’s religious fiction that’s perfect for all ages waiting on God to write their love story.

After one heartbreak after another, years of being single, and a devastating dating experience that lands her in the hospital, Meghan is now forced to enter the Shiloh’s Save The Date, a contest designed to find the Prince a bride with a royal wedding. Of course, her meddling mother who wants her married now, friends, and even Pastor push her to enter but she struggles with faith and fears and wonders if she could ever win or even find true love after all she’s been through.

In the midst of finding out about the contest and entering into it, Meghan’s life changes in ways she could never imagine. Starting out she had no suitors and now she has two supposed suitors. Now, Meghan struggles to decide where her heart indeed lies and who will bring her the fairytale ending she desperately wants. Is it in Prince Jamal the supposed arrogant, quite insensitive and spoiled rich boy she’s heard stories of from the blogs and others? Is it her new suitor, Raymond, who she’s just met and may love? Or will someone else from her suitor’s past destroy her chance of finding love and romance altogether?

Find faith, hope, and love in this cozy, Christian romantic teen & young Adult Girls & Women Fiction that God wants to do for you if you’ll only just trust him.


God Send Me My Husband

God Send Me My Husband

An Urban Christian Fiction that’s happening to so many women.

Follow a very naive Christian woman’s story as she learns the dangers of Desperation…

Meet Lailah, a woman of true Christian values that struggles between her fear that she may never find the right man to share her life with and her prayer to God to bring him in her path. What can happen if she lets herself stray from His loving embrace? What can happen if she allows desperation to overtake her?

Let her guide you through her inner thoughts, self-doubt, insecurities, and fears as she finally meets her one and only – or is she letting herself believe that she does? In the end, is he her way to pure romantic bliss or a great disguise for a pathway leading somewhere else?

Strengthen your faith in the One who knows who the right one is for you and when it is the right time for you to meet the love of your life – even though it may feel like it takes a long time for marriage and romance to come.

  • Are you a devout Christian single that feels you’ll never find a husband?
  • Are you thinking of just letting go and settling with just anyone?
  • Are you tired of the wait?
  • Are you looking for a good husband and to be happily married?
  • Are you needing answers about finding love and how to be happy?
  • Do you fear that maybe God has forgotten you and left you alone with no hope?

Get this amazing inspirational women’s fiction by Sherylynne L. Rochester and let it remind you of what you may be forgetting; that God always has the best in store for us and all He asks for is simply our patience and faith.

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