Single Travel Just Got Better: It’s Time To Get Off The Couch and See The World

54% of Americans have visited less than 10 or less states

32% don’t have or can’t remember buying travel luggage

40% have never left the country

Over half have never owned a passport

Many never travel outside of a 10 mile radius

Seeing these results from a survey done by the New York Post has me like 😮. It’s making me wonder, why is that? Really, it’s making me wondering is this the reason why many Christian singles are single, miserable, sad, and depressed?

Many Christian single women stay home with their boyfriend Netflix. They even scroll Instagram all day long. Then they ask, “God, why am I single?” Girl, it’s time for you to get out of your house, off of Instagram, dump Netflix, and see the outside world. Many need to do more than just eat, sleep, work, and repeat. Could the habit of just doing that be keeping you single?

A lot of times God has already answered our dear future prayers but it’s on us to now do something like stop staying at home. How is your Boaz going to find you if you’re stuck in the house? WAY less than 0.00000000000001% found their husband because he rung the doorbell.

Today, I have a challenge for you. If you’re the one that has been staying in the house and not doing anything, I need you to get yourself dressed and ready to head outside that door. Getting out could place you in position to meeting who God has for you. It’s time to get out beyond a 10 mile radius which I discuss more about in this video:


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Vicki Yohe | Confession…: Christian Single Women Struggling w/ Desperation, Sex, & Counterfeit Men

Vicki Yohe has just confessed to a sexual relationship with David E. Taylor. Hearing her story and hearing her heart made me think of what God wanted me to write about in the book God Send Me My Husband. So in this video I discuss a little about desperation, waiting, and the hedge of protection that God has around single women in light of Vicki Yohe’s confession.


Same Story New Cover

Well, it’s been a little over a year since the book God Send Me My Husband was released and I’ve been playing around with a few new cover designs. Here’s the new cover. The story is the same but I’ve also added a word the author.

Since writing this book new stories have appeared in the news about women desperate for love. I think this book is so needed in this hour to help certain single women to understand why it’s important to wait on God and the reason for the wait. This book puts it all into perspective and has already blessed so many women already.

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Before You Go On Christian Mingle

I know how you’re feeling because I was in your shoes. There was a time where I was searching for love and waiting on God to move now and send me my husband. I tried the dating sites, dating unsaved men, and came to a point where I had to stop and get guidance from God before I ended up in place I didn’t want to be in.

So, before you do anything and before you go on Christian Mingle or search for 100 free Christian dating sites, you need to read this book, God Send Me My Husband. You also need to make sure you’re not like the character, Lailah, who is ready to give up everything for love because you’re tired of the wait.

Same Story New COVER

Follow a very naive christian singles story from Lailah as she learns the dangers of not waiting on God for a husband…

Meet Lailah, a woman in her thirties that is struggling with singleness, insecurities, and being angry with God for being single. After going to an old boyfriend’s wedding and seeing his new relationship and having bad relationships of her own, she’s faced with being desperate and depressed about being single for so long. She desperately wants God to step in now and answer her dear future husband prayers but waiting for Him to move is just taking too long.

After waiting on God for so long, she decides to take control and matters into her own hands. She’s not getting any younger and desperately wants to experience the beauty of marriage. She will do anything to be a wife, be in a healthy Christian romance, and find the love and respect she desires even if it means leaving her faith behind.

What will come of Lailah as she decides to do her own thing without God? Will she get all of what she desires and live happily ever after? Will she allow God to be her Christian matchmaker or will she get the devil in disguise who lies and leads her astray?

If you’re searching for:

  • A christian dating app and being on Christian mingle
  • Christian dating advice
  • Christian singles dating
  • The importance of celibacy as you wait on God…

Then, Order this Christian Relationship Book Now also available as audiobook.
God Send Me My Husband a Collector’s Study Guide is available. Details inside the book.

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If He Leads You To Christ He’s A Keeper

Short sweet and simple. Maybe I’ll expound more later:

Some people look at a man for his bank account, job status/professional career, clothes he wears, car he drives and more. All that doesn’t really matter. What matters most is his life/relationship with Christ. I know if he is leading me to Christ all that will take care of itself. The greatest thing a man can do for a woman is lead her closer to God than himself or the things he has.

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Burn out or Burn Up: A Message For Those In Ministry

It is possible to become so busy with busyness that you become ineffective and your busyness becomes busywork not real ministry.

Burn out is real. For years I’ve been in ministry. I love it and I wouldn’t trade it for the world but like any job you get tired. You have burn outs. There’s discouragement. There’s attacks from the enemy. There’s attacks from people. Sometimes like Jesus in Mark 6:30-32, You must Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while. 


As I think about burn out, I’m constantly reminded of the revivalist Evan Roberts. He operated around the clock without rest. In the book God’s General it says:

You can live out of your spirit, operate in the anointing, and get the rest you need. If you don’t, disaster is pending. The Holy Spirit will never drive you—He leads you. You can’t follow God and hear Him accurately if your body is exhausted and driven. Pressure and need abound when revival hits because mankind is made aware of his spiritual condition. A revivalist must know how to lead and rest in order to remain a vital instrument of God. I believe one of the main reasons Evan Roberts’ ministry was cut short was because he didn’t learn this principle.

Sad to say many today haven’t learned this principal. I know many in ministry that don’t get the proper rest or even go on vacation. They don’t even realize that if they’d just rest they’d probably hear God a lot more or get new revelations to give to their congregation. They’d also be less cranky and stop rebuking the congregation all the time while preaching in the pulpit. Minister that do this truly need a vacation!

It goes on to say that:


Evan was soon showing many signs of emotional strain. But despite the overload, he continued to go from town to town and pleaded with residents to think of the lost. Whenever friends would encourage him to rest, he reacted strongly against them. Though his body was rapidly wearing down, the power of God continued to feed the hunger of the people. One newspaper reported that while some were shouting with conviction, others were literally shaking.


There’s no doubt that Evan was being used or anointed by God to preach the gospel. But just think how far he would of went if he just rested and not had the attitude of “work was too pressing to take a break or I could not rest away from the field of labor.”

In 1905, Evan Roberts’ mind became confused. A Congregational minister’s published criticisms of the young revivalist unsettled him greatly, but he pushed on. He often said that he wanted to enter into the “sufferings of the Master.” Sometimes, he would start a service in gentleness and joy, then suddenly jump up, wave his arms, and sharply rebuke those who weren’t pure in heart. Then he would threaten to leave the service. He commented to his friend Sidney Evans that he was afraid of speaking words that weren’t of God. He heard many voices, and sometimes he wasn’t sure which was God’s and which was his.

It goes on to say over time he suffered a breakdown. Then, Jezebel entered his life. Lack of rest caused his confusion. He went off the deep end. He started cutting family off. Resisting the doctors advice to rest. He had the attitude that many in ministry have which is people need to be ministered to no matter what. They even have the mindset that if I do take a break or a vacation I could miss a lot of “opportunities”.

Maybe if those in ministry rested more they wouldn’t get caught up with Jezebel. Maybe if they rested more or took a vacation, it would help their churches to grow. What? Yes, because when you’re rested or when you take a vacation, you’re getting away like Jesus did and able to get fresh revelation, revived vision, and come back less grumpy. Many in ministry don’t realize that when they rest, they are more refreshed and able to think clearly. On top of that, they’d get even more opportunities if they’d just take a break.

The Sad Reason Half of Americans don’t take all their paid vacation

It’s sad but it’s not just those in ministry that won’t take a break or take vacations. Millions of Americans give their vacation days back to their employer says a survey done by Glassdoor. The reason they don’t go on vacation is because of fear. They fear losing their jobs, getting behind on work, they are dedicated to their company, etc. These are reasons that are causing many to not take a vacation especially those in ministry too. Those in ministry feel the same way but as the blog Roy’s Covenant Corner wrote:

Truthfully if you so completely immerse yourself in your ministry or vocation that you cannot relax and recharge your batteries you will ‘burn out’ or ‘burn up’ and become so spent that you are not effective or as effective as you could be.  The danger I wanted to avoid was swinging the pendulum too far to the other side.  I have seen ministers so guard their ‘away time’ that they ignore true emergency situations. Life or death situations whether spiritual or natural cannot be ignored and if you give up your break to address one of those, God will help you find another time to get away and become refreshed.

So, yes it is time to take a break. It is time to go on vacation. In the end, you’ll serve the people better, be more effective instead of ineffective, you’ll be able to go another year doing the will of God and you won’t burn out or burn up. I’ve decided it’s time for a break and vacation and my honeymoon taught me that.

For more information on getting away and finding great vacation spots within your budget email heavensroyaltravels@gmail.com. They are helping us with our next vacation which is fast approaching and on the next blog post I’ll share my honeymoon experience and our time away which was refreshing! I’m even working on the travel video.